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  • 31 Aug 2020 4:35 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    What is Instagram Reels? How does it work? And, most importantly, how can you, as a business, use it to boost your marketing? Read on to find out.

    What is Instagram Reels?
    This month Instagram launched its Reels feature which is, in essence, Instagram’s answer to fulfilling all of our TikTok needs right there in Instagram’s own platform. Before you roll your eyes and dismiss it as another platform for the gyrating Gen Z crowd though  - think again! There are actually a lot of cool ways you can use it to drive sales this season.

    How Does It Work?
    Record, or upload, and edit multi-clip, 15 second videos and then overlay them with text, audio, special effects and stickers to engage your audience in new ways.

    ‘Isn’t that just what Instagram Stories already does?’ you ask. Well, yes… and no. Whilst there are similarities between the two, in its bid to, ahem,
    replicate TikTok, Reels offers additional editing tools like speed controls and a range of additional audio clips, as well as music, such as comedic voice overs. Reels can also be shared to your main Instagram feed and/or are saved in their own dedicated feed on your Instagram page so, unlike Instagram Stories, they don’t disappear after 24 hours (unless you actively delete them).

    Whereas Instagram Stories is, as the name suggests, a place to exercise storytelling for your brand, Reels is all about quick bursts of entertainment centred around a cool use of visual/audio effects making it a fun spot to get creative. Thus, it’s actually a great tool for an industry as a visually pleasing as the balloon and party business - woohoo! 

    Why Should You Use Instagram Reels 
    Remember, as always with social media marketing ‘audience’ = potential customers. Every time a viewer sets eyes on your Reels video it’s an opportunity to immerse them in your brand and remind them of the great products and services that you offer.

    Like feed posts, Reels allow you to add up to 30 hashtags - more than the 10 Instagram Stories allows - so be sure to follow best practises and use all of these for maximum exposure to new viewers. Use a mix of hashtags that are relevant to what you’re posting ‘e.g. #halloween, #genderreveal and #zoomparty as well as hashtags for your local area such as #henley, #henleysmallbusiness. Jane, in the same town as you, may have clicked simply wanting to watch 'a funny balloon video' her friend shared but if you play your cards right, she’ll also come away remembering that there’s a balloon and party business near her that does really cool work. 

    As is usually the case with new features, Instagram are keen to get people using Reels which means they’re currently making it extra easy for new people to find users. Reels are currently being prominently featured at the top of the Instagram Explore page which shows users content from everyone - not just those who they already follow. It probably won’t stay that way for long though, as discoverability on a new feature is known to get a little trickier over time, so there’s no time like the present to get stuck in!! 

    How to Use Instagram Reels to Boost Your Business
    The key to making the most of Instagram Reels really comes from understanding the nature of how TikTok is consumed. Like on TikTok, whilst there’s a lot of original content ideas on Reels, there are also a lot of trending video topics and ‘challenges’ doing the rounds, where anyone is encouraged to record their own version, which can make coming up with content much easier.

    If you’re stuck for ideas, head to the Instagram Explore page, click on a ‘Reels’ video and start swiping upwards to see what other people are doing. Clicking on the word ‘more’ on the caption beneath each Reels video will reveal which hashtags the users has selected; often this highlights which popular challenge/trend they are doing in the video. By clicking on those hashtags you can see other users’ related content and get inspiration for your own take on it. Of course, if you get your own original idea for a video then by all means create that too, you may even start your own trend!

    Here are some content ideas for Reels to get you going:

    -’Magic’ Before/After Installations - Not only does this easily show off the work that you do but they’re so visually pleasing that they often encourage sharing which means more exposure for your business. 

    -Reels Challenges - Remember, social media marketing is a fine balance between entertaining and upselling. People won’t watch your Reels content if all you do is promote your products / services so make sure to add in the entertainment factor too. If you and/or your team are comfortable on camera, why not take part in a fun dance challenge and make the most of being discovered via the hashtag. Just keep your content on brand, by including some brilliant balloons in the background so the viewer is always reminded of what you can offer them. 

    -Funny Anecdotes in Video Clips - Accidentally received Mickey Mouse foils for your engagement celebration design? Had a balloon deflate in a funny position? Instead of tearing your hair out, share the moment with your followers in a humorous manner and maybe your misfortune will lead to more followers (i.e. potential customers).

    Are you active on Instagram Reels yet? When you give it a go, be sure to tag us with the usual hashtag, #bapiaparty, so that we can see, like, comment on and perhaps even share your work!
  • 31 Jul 2020 3:45 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    With social distancing measures in place, many graduation ceremonies, university leavers’ balls and proms were postponed or even cancelled altogether. Social distancing doesn’t have to mean that our children shouldn’t get to celebrate their achievements though; this summer let’s encourage our customers to mark these milestones at home so that they can still celebrate the children’s successes, safely.

    Having adopted the tradition of prom from our friends across the pond, many British teens eagerly await the rare occasion that they get to dress up in an exquisite evening gown or suave suit and socialise with their best friends in true style. Whilst the dances might be cancelled, a huge part of the prom ritual is the getting ready and taking photos beforehand and lucky for us, we can still help that to happen!

    We’ve seen on social media that some parents have set up socially distanced soirees’ in their gardens and we think it’s a fantastic way to make sure that the kids still have a lovely evening. Of course, what sets such a garden party apart from the standard Sunday bbqs? The decor! Beautiful balloons transforming their parent’s patio into the perfect prom location and, of course, making a beautiful backdrop for those all-important selfies. A marketing campaign upselling this idea and sharing the outstanding designs that you could offer your customers might be a great way for you to draw in some late summer sales. 

    The same can be said for graduation parties and university leavers’ balls which also would have been scheduled for this summer. Why not partner with a local costume hire and photography/photo printing business to put together a complete ‘graduation package’ for which you all direct customers to one another - that’s triple the marketing! Or, you could purchase a few cap and gown sets of your own online, along some elegant stand-in scrolls (these are actually what they use for university campus graduation photos - as degrees don’t actually come rolled up!). With props to hire in hand, you’d be primed to deliver an end-to-end graduation party package for your customers, saving this very special part of summer for lots of families.

    As always, the active BAPIA community within our BAPIA Members Only Facebook Group provides a generous wealth of advice and support so do be sure to check in regularly and share your thoughts and ideas here!

  • 26 Jul 2020 11:04 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    If you’re new to BAPIA - welcome! We’d like to make sure that all BAPIA members, new and existing, are making the most of all of the resources available to you.

    Go through this quick checklist to see if there are any member benefits that you’ve yet to capitalise on: 

    -Log into the BAPIA Members Only section of the website

    -Familiarise yourself with your BAPIA supplier discounts and other benefits like the details of your business insurance and legal cover 

    -Update your BAPIA directory profile so that the public can find you

    -Follow our main Facebook and Instagram pages

    -Join the Facebook Group - feel free to introduce yourself and get stuck in 

    -Enter this month’s giveaway competition

    -Check out the BAPIA training calendar

    -Use the hashtag #bapiaparty on Instagram and tag us with @bapiaparty on Facebook so that we can see and share your great work!

    If you have any questions at all about your membership, don't hesitate to contact us at so that we can lend a helping hand.

    Not quite a BAPIA member just yet? To read up on the many benefits that come with a BAPIA membership, click here.

  • 21 Jul 2020 5:03 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Due to the Covid-19 situation all in-person training was suspended but BAPIA was still able to offer our members exclusive online webinars help them to continue to build on their business skills. As classes resume, we're still continuing to bring BAPIA brilliant free webinars from leading industry professionals as well as other training opportunities. Read on to learn more:

    Free Video Tutorial Downloads
    If you keep an eye on our Facebook Group and Instagram pages, you’ll have seen that in April Chris Adamo cba kindly offered BAPIA Members a FREE download of his Organic Sphere Tutorial video, worth $50. The great news is that BAPIA members can still get a discount on the tutorials on Chris’ Balloon Education & Support website through their BAPIA membership.To access them BAPIA members, simply log into the BAPIA website 'Members Only' section where you'll find your Members Offers page

    Free Webinars Exclusively for BAPIA Members
    Most recently our very own Sue Bowler cba has been hosting free ‘Grow Your Business with Social Media’ webinars for BAPIA Members focused on teaching you some simple skills and resources that can help you to create more engaging social media content to grab potential customers’ attention. In August and September Jackie Ochitwa cba of With A Twist Balloons and Chris Adamo cba will also be running live webinars free just for BAPIA members. 

    It's not too late to enjoy the wonderful webinars we've already put on for our members this year. Join us at BAPIA and we can send you links to what you've missed. For information on everything that comes with a BAPIA membership and to join, click here:

    More Webinars & In-Person Training
    Some other brilliant instructors are hosting their own webinars this summer. We're listing these on the BAPIA Training Calendar as and when we hear of them so do check back regularly. Some instructors are also running one-on-one socially distanced classes this summer, some of which are discounted for BAPIA members. For information on where, when and how to attend  

    The rest of this NEWS post is available to BAPIA Members Only. Members, to read it please click here and log in to the BAPIA Members only section of

    Not a BAPIA Member yet? For full information on all of the members’ benefits and discounts that come with a BAPIA membership, click here:
  • 29 Jun 2020 5:07 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We fully understand that the current situation with Coronavirus COVID-19 is a very serious concern to everybody, right across our industry and beyond. We want you to know that we are committed to BAPIA members and we are looking into what we can do to support you in any way that we can. Here is a list of the latest information and resources we know of that might be helpful to us all during this time.

    Please note that, whilst we are doing our very best to bring you accurate and up-to-date information, we do ask you to appreciate that this is an unprecedented time for us all. We are not experts on this subject nor do we claim to be giving legal and/or medical advice so please do take the time to verify and research anything that we may suggest. 


    NHS website with information on what Coronavirus is and how to protect yourself and check if you need medical help:

    -The most common symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) are a new, continuous cough, a high temperature and loss or change to your sense of taste or smell.

    Latest UK Government Guidance on Coronavirus

    The GOV.UK website features the official government response to Coronavirus as well as links to pages on related topics here:

    ****As of Saturday 4th July the government will ease lockdown restrictions in a bid to help the public to return to as near normal as possible and to safeguard livelihoods.****

    Government Guidance on What You Can and Can't Do From 4th July:

    Use this guide to check if you should go back to work:


    Financial support guidance for people who are self-employed and getting less work or no work because of coronavirus (COVID-19):

    Support and advice for businesses:

    Money Saving Expert are continually updating this page wIth useful information on rights and relief for the self-employed:


    Training Classes on

    Due to the Covid-19 situation all training was suspended but as the lockdown eases some trainers are offering some training opportunities but only under strict social distancing and hygiene rules.  Please check with the individual training provider as to what their rules are regarding this:

    Government Guidance on Domestic Travel as of 4th July

    'You can travel irrespective of distance, but you should take hygiene and safety precautions if using services on the way. You should continue to avoid using public transport and should cycle, walk or drive wherever possible.

    If visiting other parts of the UK – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – you must adhere to the laws and guidance of the devolved administrations at all times. If you wish to travel internationally, you should follow the laws of other countries and FCO international travel guidance. Upon return to the UK, you must by law self-isolate for 14 days. This is crucial to help to ensure the virus does not spread across borders.

    It is not possible to social distance during car journeys and transmission of COVID-19 can definitely occur during car journeys, so avoid travelling with someone from outside your household (or your support bubble), unless you can practise social distancing - for example by cycling.' 

    Check the BAPIA Members Only Facebook Group

    As always, the BAPIA Members Only Facebook Group remains an incredibly active, helpful and insightful wealth of support, particularly in this unnerving time. We’d like to take the time to thank each and every BAPIA member who takes the time to interact in the Group - be it answering a question or sharing a concern.

    If you are a BAPIA member and haven’t yet joined the Facebook Group, please do request to join and you will be promptly accepted. We are here to help. We are posting information here as we get it whilst we all try to give one another as much support and information as possible during these unprecedented times.

    All members should also be receiving BAPIA email updates regarding Coronavirus as and when we receive any new information. If you haven’t received our emails please check your spam/junk folders and ensure that your BAPIA member login is up to date with your current email address.


    Update New Contracts, Business Policies and Terms & Conditions 

    Going forward and in light of this situation, we strongly advise all BAPIA members to review and if necessary, update all contract templates, business policies and terms and conditions to include a clause regarding cancellations in the events of an occurrence such Coronavirus. It’s important to make clear at which point a booking is considered final, if you require a deposit and, if so, what the deposit is covering. It’s also important to list your stance on cancellations noting the circumstances in which they will or will not be accepted and if/when refunds and credit notes will be issued i.e. in which cases.

    Where possible, on your business website you may wish to link to a page of your standard business policies, terms and conditions so that, should any disputes arise, customers can be directed there as a polite reminder of their contractual obligations.

    If in a difficult dispute with a customer regarding a cancellation, other BAPIA members suggest to ask oneself, ‘What would put my mind at rest if I were them?’ and to see if you can find a solution that allows the customer to recoup their investment without jeopardising your business in the long run. 

    Health and Safety At Work

    It’s important to keep yourself and your staff safe during this time. We encourage all BAPIA members to familiarise themselves with NHS and government guidelines on protection during this time:

    Guidance for people working in, visiting or delivering to other people's homes

    Guidance for people who work in or run shops, branches, stores or similar environments:

    Guidance for people who work in hotels and guest accommodation, indoor and outdoor attractions, and business events and consumer shows:

    Practical actions for businesses to take to work safely:

    In the interest of preventing the spread of Coronavirus, we encourage you to do what you can to ensure that all staff, suppliers, clients and anyone related to your business is aware of this information as well - for instance, placing posters in store may spread awareness of personal hygiene best practises and symptoms. Other advice includes:

    • Keep everyone updated on actions being taken to reduce risks of exposure in the workplace

    • Ensure employees are strongly advised and equipped to follow the government guidance on safely running a business at this time

    • Make sure everyone’s contact numbers and emergency contact details are up to date

    • Make sure all staff know how to spot symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) and are clear on any relevant processes, for example sickness reporting and sick pay, and procedures in case someone in the workplace is potentially infected and needs to take the appropriate action

    • Make sure there are places to wash hands for 20 seconds with soap and water, and encourage everyone to do so regularly

    • Provide hand sanitiser and tissues for staff and customers and actively encourage everyone to use them.

    • Update risk assessments to factor in Coronavirus. Consider how this may affect the element of risk during each work task and what can and will be done to lessen the risk

    We encourage employers to familiarise themselves with employees’ rights and to stay up to date with government advice to employees’ to ensure that you can get the necessary measures in place to support yourself and to react to any financial impact this may have on your business. 

    Please see part 2 of this post for information on insurance and dealing with cancellations.

    We’ll be continually updating this BAPIA News post with any and all potentially useful information that we come across so do keep checking back. As always, the active BAPIA community within our BAPIA Members Only Facebook Group provides a generous wealth of advice and support during this difficult time. 

    Please stay safe, healthy and positive.


  • 21 Jun 2020 5:48 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Summer is very much here and along with it comes many exciting design opportunities for us to get creative and make the most of the warm weather. In this post we’re serving up some seasonal inspiration for your summer designs.

    Designs for Social Distancing - Are You Adapting?
    With lockdown restrictions encouraging the public to socialise outside, many customers are taking their special occasions to the great outdoors this season. Festivals, carnivals, proms and parties have given way to intimate garden gatherings and Zoom celebrations. Whilst the locations may have changed, the festivities haven’t so don’t feel like you should step off the gas when it comes to upselling this summer - it’s simply time to pivot. 


    Whereas once upon a time summer would mean lots of party work in huge hired venues, many of this summer’s special occasions will take place in gardens so consider how your designs could be adapted for this. For instance, rather than your usual wondrous wedding work, focus on beautiful balloon bundles for those brides-to-be who’ve turned their hen dos into socially distanced picnics in the park. 

    Remember that many stores are reopening now so it’s also a great time to upsell balloon arch designs to adorn doorways as well as wonderful window displays; pick out the photos of your work that are applicable to the types of celebrations that people are likely to be planning this summer, taking into account how the lockdown may affect this.

    @balloon_bouquets @balloon_a_licuous_events

    Summer 2020 Design Inspiration
    If you haven’t done any work of this description yet, consider how your past designs can be transferable. Would your cool columns make a beautiful background for a garden gender reveal? You could even create something simple in your own garden to take a quick pic that may inspire some sales.

    @houseofhooraycheshire  @dreamboatballoons 

    For indoor designs, bring the spirit of summer inside with a splash of seasonal inspiration. Summer-themed balloon shapes like palm trees and organic designs in superbly summery colours such as yellows, oranges and pinks, could soften the blow of a stag do that’s had to take to Zoom instead of Zante. Sticking with the summer theme, for more elegant occasions like an engagement announcement, you can add depth to your designs with woven foliage and faux flowers.


    @dreamboatballoons  Seaweed Tropical Fish Bubble (sold here)

    Make the Most of Marketing Opportunities
    Once you’ve decided on which designs to promote, make sure that they’ve recently been uploaded to the very top of each of your social media profiles. Use the captions on your Facebook and Instagram posts to remind browsing customers of how adaptable your designs can be by making sure that your images show up on searches for all types of occasions like #engagementparty #firstbirthday and #genderreveal. 

    @zhushevents @dreamboatballoons 

    We want to help and are investing in extra marketing for our members, so be sure to also tag us in your public posts AND to add your best work to your BAPIA directory profile so that potential customers can see what you can offer.

    @Elevatedelegance19 @littlebearsballoons

    In order to share their celebrations with friends and family, more so than ever customers are taking to social media when hosting key events like birthdays, gender reveals and engagements. Not only does this mean that you get to be extra creative when considering how your designs will translate on video but it’s also a great opportunity for marketing as social media has such a huge reach. So, make sure that you’ve also refreshed your mind with these tips on how to make the most of word of mouth marketing so that you’re ready to capitalize on your great work once it’s installed. 

    Been working on any summer showstoppers already? Be sure to tag us using #bapiaparty on Instagram and @bapiaparty on Facebook so that we can encourage our followers to book you too!

  • 12 Jun 2020 1:14 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We really care about our members and are very aware of the emotional toll that this current climate is having on many of you as you deal with the stresses that your businesses face. Here are some tips of self care which may help you to more peacefully navigate this testing time. 

    Self Care is What You Decide It Is

    Self care means ‘protecting one’s own wellbeing and happiness’ and can therefore be anything that puts you in a healthier mental state. For some, self care may be taking a walk in the fresh air whilst for others it may be escapism through watching your favourite Netflix series. The key thing is that it leaves you feeling good. It’s recommended that you try to enjoy your self care away from your usual work space to establish mental boundaries and avoid the temptation to think about work when you’re in a state of self care.

    Self Care Aids Productivity

    It may feel somewhat irresponsible to take your focus away from your business, particularly in a time of need but the truth is that taking care of your physical and mental health only serves to protect your business in the long run and reduce the risk of something happening to you which would halt your business altogether. 

    Rather than using quiet periods as a rare opportunity to rest, in the modern age, small business owners are often sold the idea of ‘the hustle’ and made to feel that if you’re not working hard you’re not working. The truth is that this mentality can actually hurt your business by putting you on the fast-track to burnout, increasing your risk of mental breakdown or stress-induced physical illness which could stop your business in its tracks. A healthier approach to business is to aim to ‘work smarter not harder’. This BAPIA news post on the 80/20 rule may help you to identify ways to achieve business success with less input.

    Schedule in Self Care

    Often when running a business your ‘To Do’ list is never-ending therefore deciding when is an appropriate time to stop working can be very difficult as we never quite feel ‘done’ for the day. Rather than waiting for a ‘good time’ to take a break, we recommend that you schedule in set rest time to ensure that it happens. 

    This is where implementing structure can really help to establish set times when you will step away, take a breather and reset. Once you’ve set your break times try to stick to them unless it’s an emergency - the workload will still be there when you get back but you’ll be better mentally prepared to tackle it. 

    A schedule doesn’t necessarily have to mean sticking to the norms of working Monday to Friday, 9-5 though. As discussed in this BAPIA News post, you can set your own working hours that work well around all of your commitments from your business requirements to personal needs like family time. Just take care to schedule in that all-important self care time too, that way you’re much more likely to actually take it. 

  • 19 May 2020 8:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    It All Starts with a Plan
    When it comes to social media marketing, having a written-out content plan is a great place to start as it gives you an overview of where opportunities for content are likely to come up naturally and where you might need to get more creative.

    The first place to start is to create a list of the months and then note under each where there are public holidays and events that you could talk about, as detailed here in this BAPIA News post. Then you can go back and add in personal events i.e. exciting bookings, training sessions, both business and personal milestones. Now, we understand that in light of the current situation, content plans may be a bit more scarce than usual but fear not, read on for other ideas of how to fill the gaps.

    Share Your New Normal (for now)
    Perhaps you've pivoted and are now doing deliveries instead of your usual parties and corporate events. Share this development with your followers, the ups, the downs and how you've overcome them. Are they any interest challenges that have come with the changes? Perhaps you've perfect a new skill or adapted a design.

    Many of you have been busy creating at home so be sure to make the most of that. A time lapse video of you constructing a rainbow of hope for neighbours would be a great watch for anyone. Slow motion and Boomerang balloon videos are always popular and fun to create. Perhaps you’ve reorganised your balloon and party store cupboard - ‘tap to tidy’ posts on Instagram & Facebook Stories - where you show a photo of a messy area/thing, immediately followed by a photo of the same area once spick and span - always do well.

    “I’m Not Creating Any New Work to Share
    There’s no time like the present to dust off pictures of past work and celebrate it. Feel like your skills have progressed since? That’s great! Let potential customers know. Why not use free collage apps like Layout from Instagram to create comparison posts of recent designs against those of the past to show your followers your development. 

    “I’m Just At Home… I’m Running Out of Things to Say”
    They say honesty is the best policy and we’ve spoken before about how transparency can really help you to build on your brand story and help your followers and potential customers to connect and care about you and your business making you more memorable next time they need a balloon and party artist.

    Bored at home? Say so! Just try to be funny or relatable rather than negative; as long as your delivery style leaves your followers feeling good then there’s nothing wrong with being candid as people often want to follow those they can really relate to. Tell your followers all about the jobs you had planned that have been postponed and how you would have created them. Visual aids like drawings or photos of your past work help to tell the story too. 

    Sharing is Caring 
    Now could be a great time to collaborate with other balloon and party artists. We’ve also talked before about the power of networking and how we can all work together to lift each other up in the industry. If you’re low on interesting content, why not share the work of another BAPIA member and give them credit. If they have a different customer base to you then you’ve nothing to lose! Reach out today and ask if they’d mind, just search the hashtag #bapiaparty on Instagram to find other members’ posts. You may make some new friends!

    BAPIA members, remember to tag us in your posts
    using #bapiaparty on Instagram and @bapiaparty on Facebook
    so that we can see and share your great work!
  • 06 May 2020 2:56 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Did you know that your BAPIA membership comes with a listing in our public directory of recommended balloon and party professionals?

    Here you can list your business name, services offered, photos of your fantastic work and contact details so that those looking for reputable balloon artists in their area can easily find you.

    ***NEW: BAPIA's John has created a 'How To Update Your Profile' video tutorial. Click here to watch it.***

    Otherwise, just follow these 6 simple steps to update your directory profile:

    Step 1. Log into by clicking the blue icon in the top right corner.

    Step 2. Once logged in, click the blue icon again and select ‘View profile’ under your username.

    Step 3a. Select ‘Edit profile’ and ensure that all of the information fields are filled in. This information is used to populate your listing in the directory and can help you to appear more prominently in searches so it’s really important to fill this as much as possible including your phone number and postcode.

    Step 3b. Be sure to fill out the box at the bottom of your profile page entitled ‘Directory listing text’ as this gives you a chance to stand out from other professionals in your area. You could highlight your creative specialities or emphasise a particular deal or offer that you currently have on. Remember to save your changes when you’re done!

    Step 4. Add Photos to Your Listing
    Click ‘Member photo albums’ then click ‘Create / Add album’ to create a new album. Add a title and description to let potential customers know which of your services these photos are showing and any additional information they may find useful. When you’re finished, click ‘Submit’ to save.

    Step 5. Then click ‘Upload photos’ towards the right side of the page to add photos to the new album. Click ‘choose file’ to select each image from your computer and when you are done click ‘Upload’.

    Step 6. Finally, click ‘Back to profile’ and then select ‘My directory profile’ to see your completed listing as potential customers will see it. Double check that all your updates have saved and look great and then you’re done!

    Remember to keep your profile up to date with your correct business information and the latest photos of your work - you never know who’s looking!  

    And remember, if we all balloon responsibly, the party never has to end!

  • 29 Apr 2020 9:11 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    This month marked the 50th anniversary of National Earth Day, celebrated on the 22nd April each year. In honour of this day which serves as a conscious reminder of the ways in which we can each care for our precious planet Earth, we thought we’d take the time to reiterate our stance on balloon releases:

    We understand that in the past balloon releases have been used to commemorate and celebrate special occasions. In lieu of this outdated practise, we’d like to suggest some environmentally-friendly alternatives that should prove equally as impactful without the potentially detrimental effects:

    Thousands of bubbles floating skyward offers the same breathtaking beauty as hundreds of balloons but without leaving behind the harmful debris that proves hazardous to wildlife. People often find the feeling of exhaling as they blow a bubble rather therapeutic and what’s more, they’re tonnes of fun for everyone involved from small children to adults. For extra effect, why not mix the size of your bubbles too; you can create your own custom bubble wand out of pipe cleaner, wire coat hangers and other household items. To make a good bubble mix all you'll need is water, washing up liquid and glycerine, just be careful to use soaps that are safe for fish and the environment and never leave children and pets unattended with the mix.

    Photo by mali maeder from Pexels

    Plant a Tree or Flowers
    For a truly environmentally-friendly memorial moment, how about planting a flower or tree?  is a beautiful way to celebrate a life. The act of gardening can be incredibly calming and what more beautiful to celebrate one life than by creating another? You can select a plant or flower that was their favourite or best describes them to make it more personal. They last a lot longer than balloons, will be good for the environment and can be visited again and again. Take care to select seeds that are native to the area to ensure a harmonious environmental impact as well and optimum growth. 

    Photo by Flora Westbrook from Pexels 

    Fly Kites, Dancing Ribbons and Banners
    Skipping a balloon release needn’t mean missing out on the joy of seeing colourful figures dancing in the wind. Instead of balloons, why not fly kites, dance ribbons and banners alongside pinwheels are garden wind spinners to celebrate something or someone special in style. Making your own can be a meaningful bonding experience and is a great way to add a personal touch by using a significant colour, drawing or message for your event. 

    Floating Flowers
    For a sense of letting go, floating flowers or flower petals down a calm stream can offer the same sense of emotional relief as a balloon release without the plastic pollution. Take care to use native flowers and not let go an excessive amount so as not to upset the ecosystem of the waterway.

    Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) from Pexels

    Balloon Drop
    We understand some customers’ urge to incorporate balloons into special occasions as they, of course, hold a special place in our hearts too. In some circumstances, a balloon drop can provide an equally impactful but environmentally friendly alternative to a release. This is so long as the drop is done in a confined space where the balloons can be easily retrieved once festivities are over so that you may adopt the pin it and bin it strategy; carefully deflating each balloon and ensuring its safe disposal. 

    We hope this post has provided you with some useful ideas on ways that we can all do our bit to help planet Earth going forward. Please do share this on so that we can spread the word and keep trying to do right by the environment.

    To learn more about balloons and the environment please visit:

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