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    Helium Situation July 2012

    Due to a number of factors there is currently a global helium shortage affecting all users of helium, from medical, industrial and scientific usage, to our industry using it for balloons.  Much of the helium for balloon gas is recovered from other helium processes and is impure, but due to the global situation this is also in short supply.  The current helium situation means that many suppliers are unable to take on any new balloon gas accounts as they don’t have the available balloon gas at this time and could not guarantee regular on-going supply.  As mentioned, this is not confined to the

    UKor Europebut is truly affecting the industry around the world.

    As stated there are a number of complex reasons why we are currently experiencing this situation and there is no single solution, therefore it is very difficult to predict how long this may last but we know that the gas companies are working very hard to reduce the impact it will have on all helium users. At this time, the latest forecasts suggest that the global helium situation will improve towards the end of the year, but this may be a gradual process and could also be delayed at any time.  In the meantime we can look for alternative ways to fulfil our clients requirements by using air filled balloon décor or where possible using 60/40 helium/Air inflators.

    We are sure that balloon manufacturers will be working on designs for air filled décor and here at BAPIA we will post some air-filled designs to our website which will hopefully give some inspiration.

    BAPIA…working for the balloon and party industry!

  • 27 Feb 2012 4:52 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

     We recently produced a newsletter for distribution to members and public at Spring Fair to highlight our initiatives and teh benefits of membership, if you would like to download a copy of the newsletter simply click this link Spring Fair 2012 final.pdf 


  • 11 Jan 2012 12:43 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    BAPIA launches ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard initiative for members.

    BAPIA, the Balloon And Party Industry Alliance is introducing another new initiative for its members.   Partnering with Kenny Roberts of KRQA, a quality assurance and business consultancy (who also has a very good working knowledge of the balloon and party industry), BAPIA is encouraging its members to work towards achieving the ISO14001 Environmental Management System standard.

    Promoting the green credentials of the balloon industry and educating the public on our own best practices is already at the top of BAPIA’s  agenda and is promoted through .  Adding to this, better business practices and the guidance towards obtaining the internationally recognised standard ISO14001 can really benefit the whole balloon industry!

    WHY ISO 14001?  

    ISO 14001 certification demonstrates to customers that you manage your environmental responsibilities in a professional manner and so reduce the risk of breaking the law.  Also, many customers, particularly large corporations and public bodies, now require their suppliers to be accredited with the ISO 14001 environmental management system.  As we enter the New Year we are all looking at ways to increase our profits and obtain new customers whilst looking after our existing clients, and this has never been more important than in the current economic climate. 

    Considerable savings can be made by streamlining your business, improving systems and procedures and reducing waste while at the same time promoting environmentally friendly practices. Streamlining the business can also promote a ‘feel good’ factor among your staff and your customers.  Better still, positive PR can be obtained by implementing simple procedures and policies that promote all round environmental friendliness.

    KRQA will be offering a “do it yourself” solution to BAPIA members who, with a few hours’ work a week can be working in the spirit of the international standard and start making positive money saving changes straight away.  It’s not necessary to obtain the standard but if you do wish to do so then this course will be a valuable tool kit that will save you thousands in consultancy fees!

    The price of this kit will be just £50 to BAPIA members and  will include templates and tools that you can use throughout your business.

    Kenny will also be giving regular advice and promotion tips on the BAPIA member’s website, helping you to promote your green credentials and take advantage of PR opportunities.

    To find out more contact


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    BAPIA has announced that Sila L'Heureux of Frenzy Balloons in Basingstoke was the luck winner of the Prize Draw for a single delegate package to the Qualatex Event in Oxford this November.  Sula said "Thank you very much, i'm still smiling and very much looking forward to the event in November.... it's a fantastic opportunity."

    We are looking forward to the event and hope to see many of you there.



  • 31 Aug 2011 11:24 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
      The Balloon Art Festival in Cardiff was a huge success with over 40,000 visitors at The Red Dragon centre.  The Festival was designed to create public awareness of balloon art and decor and also to highlight the green credentials of latex balloons.  For a full report and photographs go to Green Balloon Campaign 
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    Thanks to Mike Harris of For Every Occasion in Rhyl for an update on the legislation regarding the compulsory 5p charge that retailers now have to make for carrier bags in Wales. 

    Mike asked the following question:  

    We run a balloon shop in Rhyl.  A lot of the time we use wheelie bin bags to place the balloon arrangements in with a view to:-

    • 1.        Protecting the environment by preventing  foil balloons from being released and
    • 2.       To ensure the product remains in perfect condition for the customer – I am sure you will understand that carrying a balloon arrangement worth up to £50.00 without a bag is not possible without it being damaged in any way.

    I cannot see any mention of a charge for bags other than a single use carrier bag and we are therefore not clear whether we will have to apply a 5p charge to each wheelie bin bag  or specialist decorators bag that leaves our shop. 

    Perhaps you could please clarify the position so it is clear to us.

    Mike received the following reply from Tobi Adeshokan of the welsh government:

    Dear Mike


    The single use carrier bag charge only applies to plastic, paper, natural starch and plant-based mateiral carrier bags and not to bin bags.

    We hope that this helps shed some light on what you can use.


  • 13 Aug 2011 1:34 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Here's the latest BAPIA update, this one is focused on The Green Balloon Campaign and the Balloon Art Festival.

    Newsletter Aug 2011 Festival.pdf

  • 10 Aug 2011 4:42 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    BAPIA is sponsoring the first Balloon Art Festival that has been organised by The Green Balloon Campaign and Dr Bobs Balloons.  The festival is a public display of balloon sculptures in The Red Dragon Centre, Cardiff and is designed to co-ordinate with the Waterfron Festival in Cardiff Bay from 27th -29th August 2011.  The festival is an opportunity to promote balloons and balloon decor to the public and also to create awareness of the truth about balloons and the environment.  There will be balloon professionals on hand to answer questions from the public and to promote the Green Balloon Campaign schools project.  for more information go to  

    The Red Dragon Centre have organised a fantastic marketing campaign to generate interest in the festival and to achieve media interest in what we are doing. 


  • 21 Jul 2011 7:51 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    BAPIA announces the launch of The Green Balloon Campaign, an initiative to highlight the facts about balloons and the environment and create greater awareness of what can be achieved with balloons.  For more information clcik on the following link to read the BAPIA update on the campaign.

    Newsletter July 2011.pdf

  • 15 Jul 2011 4:09 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    If you want to know the facts about the current helium supply issue click on the following link which will take you to an article on the Gas World website.  Our understanding is that the gas companies are working to limit the impact of this situation on their customers. For more information you shoudl contact your helium supplier.

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