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    When marketing your balloon and party business, it can be very easy to fall into the habit of just talking very literally about your designs but have you ever stopped to consider the significance that they represent?

    'Mr & Mrs' balloons design by BAPIA member Sam of Mulberry Events

    Johnny’s school teacher certainly admired the beauty of the personalised bubble balloon he gave her at the end of the school year. But what really touched her heart, was the gesture it represented. The fact that her contribution to his life was so valuable that his mum wanted to go out and buy something equally beautiful and personal to represent her gratitude. 

    Photo by BAPIA member Classic Touch Balloons

    Mr & Mrs Moon’s spectacular ceiling treatment wasn’t just a nice decorative element for their wedding guests to admire. It was the finishing touch that really made them feel like they were truly in a dream, living on cloud nine on this, the most magical day of their lives. 

    The truth is that you’re selling so much more than balloons. You’re selling smiles and making moments magical. Whether it’s cementing a celebration of life, sending a surprise for someone special when you can’t be there yourself or even a kind gesture of condolence during a tough time to make someone feel loved. 

    Next time you talk about your balloon and party business and what you offer, focus on the feelings that your business brings as well and the services you sell. How your festive foils add to the cosiness of any Christmas. The way your wonderful, whimsical window treatments draw intrigued customers into a new store opening event and how your giant balloon walls get guests to stop and take a group photo, capturing the moment forever. Focus on the joy you spread above all - after all, that’s what people are really looking for. 

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    It’s been theorised that in many businesses, 80% of positive outcomes, e.g. sales, come from just 20% of your actions. This idea is based on the Pareto principle, a theory suggesting that generally it’s only a small percentage of our overall actions that lead to the biggest results. This in turn suggests that 80% of the time we’re spending energy and money on things which won’t have a large return for our business.

    Can you identify this pattern in your business? Perhaps you offer a wide range of party services but the majority of your sales come from balloon design work? Or do you find that the majority of your customers find you through one particular form of advertising over others? 

    The 80/20 split is not necessarily always a bad thing and is somewhat inevitable in some areas of business; after all accounting, stock management and business development may not immediately drive sales but they’re all necessary aspects of business. It is important however to ask yourself if you can capitalise on this information, making the most of the things that make you money and cutting back on those that don’t.

    Sometimes we can get bogged down pouring energy into the lagging areas of our business rather than focusing on what’s already doing well. For instance, take a balloon retailer who finds that personalised balloons sell extremely well compared to, say, seasonal foils. It may be tempting for them to create a promotion around the foil balloons to encourage sales. But imagine instead, if they created a promotion around the personalised balloons which already generate four times as much profit. Much less effort would be required to upsell these and success would be guaranteed since they were already selling well to begin with.

    Similarly, imagine that you get balloon decor bookings easily but find yourself constantly having to upsell your table decorating services with little take up. Why not spend that extra time upselling your balloon services to more people instead? Customers already love that service so use the energy to spread the word about how popular it is. 

    Are there any areas of your business where you spend a disproportionate amount of time and energy compared to others? Food for thought!

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    Marketing messages on social media can get repetitive, particularly if you’re largely selling the same products and services month to month. It’s important to keep your followers, i.e. potential customers, engaged in your page so that they don’t mindlessly scroll over your posts, or worse, unfollow you. 

    Step 1
    A content calendar is a great place to start if you’re struggling for new and exciting ways to talk about your products and services. Start by making a simple list with the next three months as headings and beneath each, note any significant public events. For instance:

    -Clocks Change 

    -Bonfire Night 
    -Public Christmas Mood

    -Final Run up to Christmas
    -New Years’ Eve

    Step 2
    From there, go in and add your own business’ events, for instance perhaps you’re doing some training or receiving exciting new seasonal stock on a particular date. Also make a note of any products and services you offer that can be linked to the events in your calendar.

    -Halloween - Halloween Stock Arrives: Foil Balloons, Party Decorations 
    -Clocks Change  - Light up balloons 
    -Attending Training: Wedding Trends with Alberto Falcone

    -Bonfire Night- Light up balloons in stock
    -Public Christmas Mood - Christmas Stock Arrives
    -Christmas Party Bookings Begin

    Step 3
    Then finally, consider how you can now tie the events in your calendar in with a message that resonates with your customers. Think of opportunities to upsell but also ways to simply relate to what your customers are thinking and feeling in order to keep them engaged with your page. 

    -Halloween - Halloween Stock Arrives: Foil Balloons, Party Decorations 
    Our Message: “Make the 31st October spoooktacular with our Halloween range!”

    -Clocks Change- Light up balloons 
    Our Message: “Give the gift of light in this gloomy season!”

    Training: Wedding Trends with Alberto Falcone
    Our Message: “Love is in the air and we’re getting ready for the 2020 wedding season already! Tag someone who recently got engaged. ”

    -Bonfire Night-Light up balloons in stock
    Our Message: “Impress your guests this Bonfire Night with our pretty light up balloons that are great for outdoors!”

    -Christmas Party Bookings Begin
    Our Message: “Who else if feeling festive already? We’ve decorated the first Christmas party of the season and it’s got us so excited for the big day!” 

    Bookmark this page and the next time that you’re stuck on what to say, use this 3 step marketing plan to break down the task of creating interesting posts.
    The BAPIA Facebook Page is another great place to follow for content ideas so be sure to check out what we’re talking about this season here

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    What if someone had told you that you could have increased your revenue by 25% last quarter, if you’d only asked? Well, this is often the case when we don’t promote our services as best we can. Upselling is the art of promoting your products and services, where appropriate, so that the customer walks away with the best possible experience. 

    Have you ever decided against dessert in a restaurant, only to find yourself exclaiming, ‘Oh, go on then!’ when the waiter asks if you want to see the dessert menu? The same goes for all businesses. Sometimes all the customer is waiting for is the green light so make sure that you offer it to them every time.

    BAPIA member @balloonsbypartyheaven (Instagram) in London taking the time to upsell their table decorating services alongside their usual balloon decor posts.

    Upselling doesn’t have to be awkward either. Particularly if you focus on the extra value that you are giving your customers rather than what you’re asking for in return. You’re offering Susan your beautiful table centrepieces to go with her organic doorway arch, not just to make money but because they genuinely would make her elegant engagement dinner look even more spectacular. 

    BAPIA member @balloonsbyreds in Brackley upselling their brilliant printing service to balloon customers who may not have realised it’s an option.

    If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get

    Don’t be afraid of rejection either. If only 1 in 5 customers accept the add-on, that’s still a considerable amount more money made than if you never upsold to anyone. Upselling really only tends to feel awkward when it seems forced so be sure to keep it natural, offering products and services which compliment what’s already settled upon and will enhance the customer’s overall experience. Ask yourself, ‘Does the upsell make sense?’. ‘What would I like to have as well if I was the customer?’. Don’t be afraid to offer add-ons that take the client slightly over budget too - it’s up to them to determine if the added value is worth the extra spend. Never just assume that they aren’t willing to spend a bit more (unless they have expressly said that their budget is absolute). They simply may not have realised everything that you can offer when setting their initial budget so it’s your job as the vendor to make sure that they walk away with the best option that their money can buy. 

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    Some small business owners make the mistake of keeping their cards close to their chest, opting to shy away from other individuals in their industry for fear of being copied or used. Whilst this concern is understandable, it’s not always prudent to cut oneself off from one’s peers entirely as there are plenty of valuable opportunities to be missed. No one is saying that you should start handing out copies of your business plan to competitors but often taking an active role in your business community can lead to opportunities that far outweigh any risks.

    Learn From Others’ Mistakes

    For example, when it comes to advice and problem solving, 1000 heads are always better than 1. It’s so useful to be able to draw on the experiences of the many rather than having to suffer through trial and error alone, making mistakes that others could have warned you about. Online networks such as the BAPIA Members Only Facebook Group are a great source of advice and support from like-minded people, whether you need to ask for guidance on a particular issue or just want reassurance that you’re on the right track. They’re also a smart way to stay abreast of the latest industry developments and news, training opportunities and promotions, savings and discounts.

    Give to Receive

    Rather than thinking, ‘What can I get out of this situation?’, when in a networking group, online or otherwise, it is often a much more pleasurable experience when we instead ask ourselves, ‘What value can I offer here?’. This approach to networking is often more rewarding, not just figuratively but literally too. Often when you’re able to help someone to have a great experience, be it a helpful recommendation, a top business tip or a useful contact, they are much more likely to remember you than if you only approach them to sell your services. So helping others is not just about good karma but building a memorable reputation within that community.

    BAPIA members training and networking at the recent BAPIA Chris Adamo cba Tour 

    Tap Into Insider Knowledge

    Don’t forget to network outside of your established networking group too. What may have struck you as idle chit chat with a supplier, whilst they unload your stock, may lead to you finding out about a great business opportunity that you didn’t even know existed. As the saying goes, ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’, so always keep your ear to the ground and if you have something great to offer or are in need of something, don’t be afraid to spread the word. 

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    Summer is very much here and along with it comes many exciting design opportunities for us to get creative and make the most of the warm weather. In this post we’re serving up some seasonal inspiration for your summer designs.

    Many customers are taking the party to the great outdoors this season. From festivals and fetes to carnivals, parades and pool parties. If you already have examples of your own great outdoor designs, make sure that they’ve recently been uploaded to the very top of your social media profile and BAPIA directory profiles so that potential customers can easily see what you can offer for their outdoor parties. 

    Photo of beautiful outdoor balloon work by BAPIA member Lucy Hennessey @balloonpower (Instagram)

    If you haven’t done any outdoor work yet, consider how your past designs can be transferable. Would your cool columns add some flare to a summer fair? Perhaps an awesome arch you did recently would work over an entrance too? Use the captions on your Facebook and Instagram posts to remind browsing customers of how adaptable your designs can be. You could even create something simple in your own garden to take a quick pic that may inspire some sales - and hey, you can top up your tan while you’re at it. 

    Balloons and flowers for a summery design by BAPIA member Gail of @flossandpopparties (Instagram) in Belfast

    When the party is indoors bring the spirit of summer inside with a splash of seasonal inspiration. Think summer-themed balloon shapes like flowers and palm trees and arches in superb summery colours like yellows, oranges and pinks. You can incorporate plants into your designs to add some depth; woven foliage makes a beautiful addition to neutral designs whereas faux flowers in bright colours look beautiful against bright balloons.

    A summery setup for a 1st birthday garden party by BAPIA member @theballoonroom (Instagram)

    If you’ve been working on any great summer showstoppers, be sure to tag us using #bapiaparty so that we can encourage our followers to book you too. If you’ve worked on any weddings recently, remember to upload one photo into this month’s BAPIA Members Only Facebook Photo Competition album by 31st August 2019 for a chance to win 1 of 3 great prizes!

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    Word of Mouth

    Did you know that 92% of people believe recommendations from friends over all forms of advertising? It makes sense - you’re much more likely to pick the party company that your friend used and loved over one that you simply saw online. When it comes to successful referrals, you just can’t beat good old word of mouth marketing.

    We’re not suggesting that you abandon all of your modern marketing and take to the streets with a megaphone. After all, online marketing is still a great way to reach potential customers who have no previous connection to your business. However, every happy customer of yours holds the potential to unlock even more sales for you and that’s something that you’ll want to leverage as well.

    An instagram post by BAPIA member @for_every_occasion_balloons (Instagram) in Rhyl. 

    Just Ask! 

    It’s so simple that it sounds silly. Many customers simply just forget that a recommendation would be helpful to you. Every time a customer gives you good feedback, thank them kindly and then politely ask if they’d recommend you to any family and friends who may be looking in the future. They’ve nothing to lose and most people would be happy to pay you back for your great work.

    BAPIA member @creativedecorations (Instagram) in Houghton Regis sharing their glowing customer reviews on Instagram.

    Making It Extra Easy

    For word of mouth advertising to work, your details need to be readily available and easy to pass on. Partygoers will often ask the host who did the decor so be sure to leave them armed and ready with some beautiful business cards to share, making sure that they know your social media details for anyone who asks.

    When Jane’s sister asks who did her wedding balloons last year you want Jane to be able to remember and pass on the information immediately, even if she’s since lost your business card. This means having an easy business name that people can recall and pronounce. Regret naming your business Penelope’s Punctilious Party Practitioners now? That’s ok, why not give your business a nickname online like ‘Penny’s Parties’? Something short and unique that they can search to find your full details. 

    Balloon work by BAPIA member @Doodles_Balloons (Instagram) in Essex.

    Sweeten the Deal

    You can also offer an incentive to further encourage past customers to pass on your details. Maybe a discount on their next order for each new customer they send or even a freebie like a personalised balloon for their next celebration when someone who they’ve referred books you within three months. To keep track, simply assign each invoice or receipt that you produce a referral code e.g. ‘SMITH1’ and ask Mrs Smith to give this code to her friends and family to use if and when they book. Then, keep a simple spreadsheet to track the sales that come back from each code so that you can reward that customer and watch your business grow.

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    One of the things many business owners fear most about having a social media presence is unfair customer complaints. In some cases the customer isn’t always right and it may seem that few things would be more detrimental to your business than a disgruntled customer out to destroy you. Worse still is the threat of a competitor posing as a customer for the same reason. Here’s how you can handle such complaints in the best way and why you shouldn’t let them worry you.

    At Your Service

    First of all, a customer complaint is a great opportunity to show your superb customer service. Think, who would you be more likely to hire - a company who has little to no online presence and thus absolutely no evidence of their customer service skills? Or a company who has had 1 negative review in 10 and dealt with it quickly and efficiently, ultimately leaving the customer feeling satisfied? Accidents happen, from faulty balloons to communication errors but if potential customers can see that you will be proactive and go above and beyond to put things right every time, they’ll feel much more reassured that they’re in safe hands, whatever happens. 

    Rectify or Reassure

    If you’ve been given a justifiably negative review, once you’ve rectified the situation, don’t be afraid to ask the customer if they would mind going back to update their comments to reflect this. Most customers leave reviews simply to help other customers know what your business is like so, if you’ve turned things around and ultimately left them feeling satisfied, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t want to spread the word. As long as you ask nicely.

    Sometimes there’s no reasoning with a complainant and that’s ok. Instead, in your reply take the time to calmly and professionally explain your business practises and policies so that future potential customers understand how they can avoid the same situation. Take care not to accuse the customer who left the review but instead to explain how and why you did everything you could to make this particular situation right. Don’t descend into a back and forth argument, just state your side and let it be. Think of potential customers reading the review and your reply. You don’t want to come across as confrontational or difficult to work with, you just want to reassure them that the same issue won’t happen to them.

    Focus on the Positives

    Instead of worrying about the odd negative review, focus on the potential for the many, many positive reviews that will far outweigh them and on how much business these will bring. A business with no reviews will rarely do better than one with even 4 out of 5 stars. Each time you have a happy customer, don’t be afraid to ask them if they would take the time to write you a quick review. A simple Instagram comment like, ‘Josie loved her balloons!’ or even just a star rating on Facebook or Google takes one click but will make all the difference when new customers are looking. Is there an incentive that you can offer customers to remember to review you too? Focus on building these positive reviews and any negatives will be buried in no time.

    Learn and Improve

    All reviews, good or bad, are an opportunity to better understand your customers and improve your business. We’ve all had customers who say they will book again, never to return... Some people are shy about giving face-to-face feedback. Online reviews allow them to be honest which means really getting to understand your customers' needs and thus better serve them. Is there a recurring issue that you could easily clear up? Perhaps there’s a pricing point that you could make clearer right from the time of booking. Even better, is there an element of your business that lots of customers rave about in your reviews? Reviews help you to learn what customers appreciate the most about your business so that you can highlight your best selling points on all your pages. 

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    Skills Help You to Stand Out

    The balloon and party business is booming as beautifully decorated parties are becoming more and more popular. Whilst this is great news for all of us, it does mean that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in the market. When customers are shopping around, wouldn’t you love to be able to offer them something more unique and exciting than your competitors? Keeping your skills up to date helps you to be more dynamic with your designs so that you can keep up with new trends, meet more requests and also suggest fun new designs which will help you to clinch more sales.

    Spend Money to Make Money

    You may think that spending money on something you can’t sell is wasteful but just because training isn’t tangible, that doesn’t mean that it’s not smart. Imagine that you have a spare £150 to invest into your business this month. You could a) order a popular new line of foil balloon characters or b) invest in a training course. You’ve worked out your margins and know that the £150 of balloons will return you £1,000 of sales this quarter so you decide to go with that. In May, a lady called Sally sends you a photo of an organic doorway arch and asks if you can recreate it for her son’s birthday party. You have to turn it down because you don’t know how. Instead, Sally goes to a competitor who makes £500 from the party. When Sally posts the photos to Facebook, three other parents from her son’s school book arches with the same company that summer. The £150 training returned them £2000 of sales in just 3 months and it’s a skill they can use again and again, for life. 

    Attention Equals Advertising

    As demonstrated above, training can mean more free advertising for your business too. Customers are much more likely to tag and credit your business on social media if they think that their friends and family will find this particularly useful. A single helium foil, whilst fun and a good business basic, is easy to come by. So when Sandra posts little Jack’s foil balloon to Facebook she doesn’t think to list where it’s from. A balloon inside a bubble, however, is much more unique. Next month is little Jill’s birthday and when Sandra shares her pink ‘balloon inside a balloon’, Tina and Tanya, whose children go to the same school, both ask Sally where she got it and head straight there. The more skills you acquire, the more niche your business becomes and the more customers will make a beeline for you because you have the most to offer.

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    We’ve spoken before about the importance of storytelling when it comes to sales. The more memorable and likeable you can make your business, the higher the likelihood that customers will pick you over someone else. You may think that the day to day of your business isn’t exciting enough for storytelling but think again. Next time you’re stuck for what to say, follow this simple storytelling checklist. 

    Take, Jenny for instance, who recently went on a training course. Imagine Jenny has uploaded this photo with the following caption:

    “Team work! Group column building at the BAPIA Chris Adamo cba Tour. #bapiaparty”

    Now, Jenny thinks about the day again, this time considering the following questions:


    1. What’s happening in this picture?

    2. Did anything funny or relatable happen at the time?

    3. What did I do well in this situation?

    4. How might this benefit my customers?

    5. What’s next for me?

    After following the checklist, Jenny realised she actually had a lot to share about the day:

    “Team work making the dream work at the BAPIA Chris Adamo cba Tour. The day started off shaky -  I realised I’d walked into the wrong conference room when the overhead projector read ‘Travel Expo’ - oops, typical me! Things soon picked up though; I mastered these columns Chris showed us really quickly, woohoo! Expect to see LOTS more fun, new designs from me this year. Next, I want to master weaving flowers into my designs, ready for wedding season! #bapiaparty”

    Do you see how, with a bit of storytelling, the same post becomes much more engaging and memorable? It may seem like a small thing but consider every social media post as an advertisement for your business. Generally, it takes at least six exposures to an advert before a customer commits to sale. So, in a sea of social media posts, it’s really important that yours stand out and a post with a descriptive, well-thought-out caption will stand out a lot more in the middle of a scrolling session.

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