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The Importance of Self Care

12 Jun 2020 1:14 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

We really care about our members and are very aware of the emotional toll that this current climate is having on many of you as you deal with the stresses that your businesses face. Here are some tips of self care which may help you to more peacefully navigate this testing time. 

Self Care is What You Decide It Is

Self care means ‘protecting one’s own wellbeing and happiness’ and can therefore be anything that puts you in a healthier mental state. For some, self care may be taking a walk in the fresh air whilst for others it may be escapism through watching your favourite Netflix series. The key thing is that it leaves you feeling good. It’s recommended that you try to enjoy your self care away from your usual work space to establish mental boundaries and avoid the temptation to think about work when you’re in a state of self care.

Self Care Aids Productivity

It may feel somewhat irresponsible to take your focus away from your business, particularly in a time of need but the truth is that taking care of your physical and mental health only serves to protect your business in the long run and reduce the risk of something happening to you which would halt your business altogether. 

Rather than using quiet periods as a rare opportunity to rest, in the modern age, small business owners are often sold the idea of ‘the hustle’ and made to feel that if you’re not working hard you’re not working. The truth is that this mentality can actually hurt your business by putting you on the fast-track to burnout, increasing your risk of mental breakdown or stress-induced physical illness which could stop your business in its tracks. A healthier approach to business is to aim to ‘work smarter not harder’. This BAPIA news post on the 80/20 rule may help you to identify ways to achieve business success with less input.

Schedule in Self Care

Often when running a business your ‘To Do’ list is never-ending therefore deciding when is an appropriate time to stop working can be very difficult as we never quite feel ‘done’ for the day. Rather than waiting for a ‘good time’ to take a break, we recommend that you schedule in set rest time to ensure that it happens. 

This is where implementing structure can really help to establish set times when you will step away, take a breather and reset. Once you’ve set your break times try to stick to them unless it’s an emergency - the workload will still be there when you get back but you’ll be better mentally prepared to tackle it. 

A schedule doesn’t necessarily have to mean sticking to the norms of working Monday to Friday, 9-5 though. As discussed in this BAPIA News post, you can set your own working hours that work well around all of your commitments from your business requirements to personal needs like family time. Just take care to schedule in that all-important self care time too, that way you’re much more likely to actually take it. 

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