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Lockdown Social Media Content Ideas

19 May 2020 8:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

It All Starts with a Plan
When it comes to social media marketing, having a written-out content plan is a great place to start as it gives you an overview of where opportunities for content are likely to come up naturally and where you might need to get more creative.

The first place to start is to create a list of the months and then note under each where there are public holidays and events that you could talk about, as detailed here in this BAPIA News post. Then you can go back and add in personal events i.e. exciting bookings, training sessions, both business and personal milestones. Now, we understand that in light of the current situation, content plans may be a bit more scarce than usual but fear not, read on for other ideas of how to fill the gaps.

Share Your New Normal (for now)
Perhaps you've pivoted and are now doing deliveries instead of your usual parties and corporate events. Share this development with your followers, the ups, the downs and how you've overcome them. Are they any interest challenges that have come with the changes? Perhaps you've perfect a new skill or adapted a design.

Many of you have been busy creating at home so be sure to make the most of that. A time lapse video of you constructing a rainbow of hope for neighbours would be a great watch for anyone. Slow motion and Boomerang balloon videos are always popular and fun to create. Perhaps you’ve reorganised your balloon and party store cupboard - ‘tap to tidy’ posts on Instagram & Facebook Stories - where you show a photo of a messy area/thing, immediately followed by a photo of the same area once spick and span - always do well.

“I’m Not Creating Any New Work to Share
There’s no time like the present to dust off pictures of past work and celebrate it. Feel like your skills have progressed since? That’s great! Let potential customers know. Why not use free collage apps like Layout from Instagram to create comparison posts of recent designs against those of the past to show your followers your development. 

“I’m Just At Home… I’m Running Out of Things to Say”
They say honesty is the best policy and we’ve spoken before about how transparency can really help you to build on your brand story and help your followers and potential customers to connect and care about you and your business making you more memorable next time they need a balloon and party artist.

Bored at home? Say so! Just try to be funny or relatable rather than negative; as long as your delivery style leaves your followers feeling good then there’s nothing wrong with being candid as people often want to follow those they can really relate to. Tell your followers all about the jobs you had planned that have been postponed and how you would have created them. Visual aids like drawings or photos of your past work help to tell the story too. 

Sharing is Caring 
Now could be a great time to collaborate with other balloon and party artists. We’ve also talked before about the power of networking and how we can all work together to lift each other up in the industry. If you’re low on interesting content, why not share the work of another BAPIA member and give them credit. If they have a different customer base to you then you’ve nothing to lose! Reach out today and ask if they’d mind, just search the hashtag #bapiaparty on Instagram to find other members’ posts. You may make some new friends!

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