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Work Life Balance Off? Try Work Life Integration Instead

21 Feb 2020 9:51 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Something that’s drilled into us is the importance of achieving a work life ‘balance’ but is there such a thing? The word ‘balance’ suggests consistently equal energy being given to work, family, socialising, personal time and all other significant areas at all times. Sound like you? Us neither. 

A lot of us in the balloon and party industry work irregular hours, often working evenings and weekends and perhaps even travelling for trade events. Add to that the unpredictable ups and down of personal life and the idea of always keeping all of the plates spinning at once doesn’t seem feasible. The reality is that life can be very unpredictable with different areas requiring different levels of attention at different times, often unexpectedly. 

BAPIA members @trove_events hard at working building a beautiful balloon wall.

Consider your energy a finite source. If you have 10 units of energy per day to give and 5 main areas of commitment, it’s not realistic to expect to give 2 units to each area every day. During the summer, a working parent may need to give more time and energy to a young family and during the winter holiday season, demand for corporate balloon and party events peaks which can mean more energy is needed at work.

Perhaps what’s more realistic is the idea of ‘work life integration’. This idea involves taking a step back to assess which commitments need our time, factoring in the ebbs and flows of how this changes throughout the seasons. Planning a system that works best for your personal needs rather than feeling obliged to stick to the regular 9-5 working model. 

BAPIA members working (and playing!) during the 2019 BAPIA Chris Adamo Tour

It’s okay if you get most of your business admin done after 9pm, as that’s when you get the most downtime. There’s no need to feel it means that you’re not balancing your time well. Perhaps you choose to skip the school run because the traffic time could be better used for work so that you can, instead, afford to take more time off during the school holidays. If the weekend is your most lucrative time, perhaps embrace that and simply make Monday and Tuesday your ‘weekend’ rather than feel cheated. There’s no shame in switching your schedule so that you simply shut up shop on your quieter days instead. 

Work life integration is all about finding a system where your work and life can fit comfortably together like puzzle pieces rather than running them as separate, conflicting entities that bring you more stress. 

BAPIA founders John & Sue Bowler cba with Chris Adamo cba during his 2019 UK & Ireland BAPIA Tour

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