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How to Content Plan on Social Media

19 Sep 2019 7:20 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Marketing messages on social media can get repetitive, particularly if you’re largely selling the same products and services month to month. It’s important to keep your followers, i.e. potential customers, engaged in your page so that they don’t mindlessly scroll over your posts, or worse, unfollow you. 

Step 1
A content calendar is a great place to start if you’re struggling for new and exciting ways to talk about your products and services. Start by making a simple list with the next three months as headings and beneath each, note any significant public events. For instance:

-Clocks Change 

-Bonfire Night 
-Public Christmas Mood

-Final Run up to Christmas
-New Years’ Eve

Step 2
From there, go in and add your own business’ events, for instance perhaps you’re doing some training or receiving exciting new seasonal stock on a particular date. Also make a note of any products and services you offer that can be linked to the events in your calendar.

-Halloween - Halloween Stock Arrives: Foil Balloons, Party Decorations 
-Clocks Change  - Light up balloons 
-Attending Training: Wedding Trends with Alberto Falcone

-Bonfire Night- Light up balloons in stock
-Public Christmas Mood - Christmas Stock Arrives
-Christmas Party Bookings Begin

Step 3
Then finally, consider how you can now tie the events in your calendar in with a message that resonates with your customers. Think of opportunities to upsell but also ways to simply relate to what your customers are thinking and feeling in order to keep them engaged with your page. 

-Halloween - Halloween Stock Arrives: Foil Balloons, Party Decorations 
Our Message: “Make the 31st October spoooktacular with our Halloween range!”

-Clocks Change- Light up balloons 
Our Message: “Give the gift of light in this gloomy season!”

Training: Wedding Trends with Alberto Falcone
Our Message: “Love is in the air and we’re getting ready for the 2020 wedding season already! Tag someone who recently got engaged. ”

-Bonfire Night-Light up balloons in stock
Our Message: “Impress your guests this Bonfire Night with our pretty light up balloons that are great for outdoors!”

-Christmas Party Bookings Begin
Our Message: “Who else if feeling festive already? We’ve decorated the first Christmas party of the season and it’s got us so excited for the big day!” 

Bookmark this page and the next time that you’re stuck on what to say, use this 3 step marketing plan to break down the task of creating interesting posts.
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