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The Art of Upselling

16 Aug 2019 5:33 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

What if someone had told you that you could have increased your revenue by 25% last quarter, if you’d only asked? Well, this is often the case when we don’t promote our services as best we can. Upselling is the art of promoting your products and services, where appropriate, so that the customer walks away with the best possible experience. 

Have you ever decided against dessert in a restaurant, only to find yourself exclaiming, ‘Oh, go on then!’ when the waiter asks if you want to see the dessert menu? The same goes for all businesses. Sometimes all the customer is waiting for is the green light so make sure that you offer it to them every time.

BAPIA member @balloonsbypartyheaven (Instagram) in London taking the time to upsell their table decorating services alongside their usual balloon decor posts.

Upselling doesn’t have to be awkward either. Particularly if you focus on the extra value that you are giving your customers rather than what you’re asking for in return. You’re offering Susan your beautiful table centrepieces to go with her organic doorway arch, not just to make money but because they genuinely would make her elegant engagement dinner look even more spectacular. 

BAPIA member @balloonsbyreds in Brackley upselling their brilliant printing service to balloon customers who may not have realised it’s an option.

If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get

Don’t be afraid of rejection either. If only 1 in 5 customers accept the add-on, that’s still a considerable amount more money made than if you never upsold to anyone. Upselling really only tends to feel awkward when it seems forced so be sure to keep it natural, offering products and services which compliment what’s already settled upon and will enhance the customer’s overall experience. Ask yourself, ‘Does the upsell make sense?’. ‘What would I like to have as well if I was the customer?’. Don’t be afraid to offer add-ons that take the client slightly over budget too - it’s up to them to determine if the added value is worth the extra spend. Never just assume that they aren’t willing to spend a bit more (unless they have expressly said that their budget is absolute). They simply may not have realised everything that you can offer when setting their initial budget so it’s your job as the vendor to make sure that they walk away with the best option that their money can buy. 

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