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Why Training is an Investment Rather Than an Expense

05 Jul 2019 5:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Skills Help You to Stand Out

The balloon and party business is booming as beautifully decorated parties are becoming more and more popular. Whilst this is great news for all of us, it does mean that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in the market. When customers are shopping around, wouldn’t you love to be able to offer them something more unique and exciting than your competitors? Keeping your skills up to date helps you to be more dynamic with your designs so that you can keep up with new trends, meet more requests and also suggest fun new designs which will help you to clinch more sales.

Spend Money to Make Money

You may think that spending money on something you can’t sell is wasteful but just because training isn’t tangible, that doesn’t mean that it’s not smart. Imagine that you have a spare £150 to invest into your business this month. You could a) order a popular new line of foil balloon characters or b) invest in a training course. You’ve worked out your margins and know that the £150 of balloons will return you £1,000 of sales this quarter so you decide to go with that. In May, a lady called Sally sends you a photo of an organic doorway arch and asks if you can recreate it for her son’s birthday party. You have to turn it down because you don’t know how. Instead, Sally goes to a competitor who makes £500 from the party. When Sally posts the photos to Facebook, three other parents from her son’s school book arches with the same company that summer. The £150 training returned them £2000 of sales in just 3 months and it’s a skill they can use again and again, for life. 

Attention Equals Advertising

As demonstrated above, training can mean more free advertising for your business too. Customers are much more likely to tag and credit your business on social media if they think that their friends and family will find this particularly useful. A single helium foil, whilst fun and a good business basic, is easy to come by. So when Sandra posts little Jack’s foil balloon to Facebook she doesn’t think to list where it’s from. A balloon inside a bubble, however, is much more unique. Next month is little Jill’s birthday and when Sandra shares her pink ‘balloon inside a balloon’, Tina and Tanya, whose children go to the same school, both ask Sally where she got it and head straight there. The more skills you acquire, the more niche your business becomes and the more customers will make a beeline for you because you have the most to offer.

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