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Your Social Storytelling Checklist

24 Jun 2019 5:03 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

We’ve spoken before about the importance of storytelling when it comes to sales. The more memorable and likeable you can make your business, the higher the likelihood that customers will pick you over someone else. You may think that the day to day of your business isn’t exciting enough for storytelling but think again. Next time you’re stuck for what to say, follow this simple storytelling checklist. 

Take, Jenny for instance, who recently went on a training course. Imagine Jenny has uploaded this photo with the following caption:

“Team work! Group column building at the BAPIA Chris Adamo cba Tour. #bapiaparty”

Now, Jenny thinks about the day again, this time considering the following questions:


1. What’s happening in this picture?

2. Did anything funny or relatable happen at the time?

3. What did I do well in this situation?

4. How might this benefit my customers?

5. What’s next for me?

After following the checklist, Jenny realised she actually had a lot to share about the day:

“Team work making the dream work at the BAPIA Chris Adamo cba Tour. The day started off shaky -  I realised I’d walked into the wrong conference room when the overhead projector read ‘Travel Expo’ - oops, typical me! Things soon picked up though; I mastered these columns Chris showed us really quickly, woohoo! Expect to see LOTS more fun, new designs from me this year. Next, I want to master weaving flowers into my designs, ready for wedding season! #bapiaparty”

Do you see how, with a bit of storytelling, the same post becomes much more engaging and memorable? It may seem like a small thing but consider every social media post as an advertisement for your business. Generally, it takes at least six exposures to an advert before a customer commits to sale. So, in a sea of social media posts, it’s really important that yours stand out and a post with a descriptive, well-thought-out caption will stand out a lot more in the middle of a scrolling session.

BAPIA members, remember to tag us in your posts using #bapiaparty so that we can see and share your great work!

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