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Simple Tips on How to Take Great Photos for Instagram

24 Jun 2019 3:58 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

You’ve taken our advice and you want to use Instagram to grow your balloon and party business - great stuff. The next step is to sharpen your skills so that you can really highlight your work and encourage new customers to enlist your services. Read on for some top tips on how to take great photos for Instagram.

Keep It Light and Bright!
Indoor photos can be shadowy so make sure that your image is bright enough that the details of your work can be seen. If you can, quickly open curtains and blinds and/or turn on extra lights to get a well-lit scene. When this isn’t an option or you need an extra boost, the in-app editing options in Instagram allow you to increase the brightness and reduce the shadows of your photos too. 

It’s All In The Detail
Perhaps your balloons are personalised or your design has extra detail in it. You want potential customers to be able to appreciate that. Make sure that your photos are sharp and clear by centring on the object that you want to highlight. On a smartphone, take a second to steady your hand and then gently tap on the screen, on the main point of your photo, to focus the camera and adjust the lighting before you take it. Again, in the editing stage of uploading to your Instagram feed, you can also increase the sharpness to help those details pop. 

Don’t Overdo It
As always when selling a product, you don’t want to edit your photos so much that they alter the overall look of the balloons. If potential customers suspect that an image is too edited, they won’t trust that the finished product will be the same and will move on. Worse still, you don’t want to raise expectations of the way your balloons will look beyond what’s realistic! Consider editing tools simply as a way to enhance your two dimensional photograph and show the full beauty of your balloon work when you look at it with your own eyes.

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