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Branding Your Small Business Online

03 May 2019 10:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

As a small business owner, social media can be a great source of custom for your business making it a fantastic form of free advertising. So the last thing you want is for your post to be passed over in a serial scroll session. This post explains how to brand your posts online so that potential customers see them as more than just another pretty picture.

What’s Your Niche?

Branding is a way of making your business stand out from others which may be offering similar products and services. Imagine ten greengrocers all lined up, all selling the same fruits and vegetables from the same supplier. What would you do to encourage customers to come to your greengrocers over the next one? Well, an Instagram feed can be very similar with lots of balloon and party companies all vying for followers’ attention.

Does your business have a tagline that you want people to associate with it? For instance, ‘Service with a smile!’, if so, use it in every caption so that happiness becomes synonymous with your business name. Is there a skill you’d specifically like to be known for? Maybe you’re crazy about columns or terrific at ceiling treatments. Even if you do everything equally, picking a specific product or service to focus on and mention often can help people to remember you more easily than just touching a bit on everything you do. After all, ‘Fiona’s Fantastically Fresh Fruit Shop’ is more memorable that ‘Greg’s General Greengrocers’. You want a message that’s going to engage followers enough to click through to your profile where you can expand on all of the products and services that you offer.

Make It Memorable

One way of helping followers to get to know your business is to create a uniform aesthetic for all your Instagram posts that’s instantly recognisable in their feed. Think about cool angles to shoot from - maybe always from up high for table work or down low for ceiling treatments and use apps like FontCandy to add your business name to the image itself so it’s easier to see. Using the same filters and edits on all your photos will help them to become more recognisable and look more cohesive and professional on your page too. Perhaps you’re known for your soft, light, dreamy photos or your bold, bright images. The free presets (filters) on phone apps like VSCO Cam make this very easy to do and actually make photo editing quicker than editing each image manually. You can still adjust small things like brightness depending on how well-lit each photo is but starting with the same filter/preset each time will help followers to instantly recognise your branding and remember your business, even in the middle of a scrolling session. That way next time they need balloons, they’ll subconsciously think of you first.

Don’t Forget Stories!

The same goes for your Facebook and Instagram Stories posts. Try to use the same font styles and background colours each time you post so that, even when people have their Stories on autoplay, they’ll know it’s your post without even having to check the teeny tiny username that Instagram displays. Pick bright colours that stand out but are also easy to read and use the same ones whenever you can, across all your pages, to create brand recognition.

A Picture Doesn’t Always Tell 1,000 Words

Remember to write an interesting caption with each photo to give more information about your work and your business to pique people’s interest and stop them scrolling past. Paint a picture of the type of event that you were working on to help them imagine organising something similar themselves. Perhaps your stunning ceiling treatment brought a touch of class to a corporate event or your ombre orbz added a splash of colour to a unicorn-themed birthday bash. Don’t be afraid to give some behind-the-scenes info too - how did you plan everything and then bring it all together? Your personal approach to your business is a great selling point and remember, most people aren’t familiar with the practical side of the ballooning world so some information that we take for granted will be of interest to the public. Above all, remind your followers each time of your where your business operates and how they can make a booking!

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