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Marketing Your Small Business with Facebook Posts

03 May 2019 5:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Switch It Up

It’s important that each of your business platforms offers your followers something slightly different. This way they’ll be much more likely to follow you on all of them which means more opportunities for you to upsell your products and services. In our BAPIA News post on The Importance of a Brand Story for Your Balloon Business we discussed how creating a personal story for followers to relate to is important so that they remember your business over others. Whereas Instagram is great for showing off your work, as it’s such a visual platform, Facebook is ideal for storytelling.

Storytelling is Selling

Sometimes people switch off from the generic, ‘Here’s what we offer!’ posts which is where your storytelling skills come into play. Instead of just posting the facts, think about how you word updates to reflect the ongoing story of your business. Share your genuine excitement about your business highs like new products you’ve purchased, exciting new designs you’ve been working on and your eager anticipation of any sales, promotion and events. Be sure to share great feedback from clients - don’t be afraid to ask them if they’d mind writing a review on your Facebook page.

Even the lows can help to promote your business, as long as you took something positive from them. Perhaps you overcame some difficulty with a location. Did an awkwardly placed roof beam threaten to ruin your ceiling treatment but you worked your way around it? If you go above and beyond to deliver for your clients, share it with potential customers. Just remember to keep it brief, positive and professional!

Don’t Forget to Use Stories

Just like Instagram, Facebook has a Stories element too, allowing you to share limited-time-only snippets from your day with your followers. This function keeps your followers engaged in your page and checking back regularly; we’ve elaborated more on this here in our Ideas for Instagram Stories post. As Facebook and Instagram are linked, you can even share your stories to both platforms, particularly when you have something extra exciting that you want to share like a product launch or a flash sale.

Sharing is Caring!

Don’t be afraid to politely ask your followers to share your content if they like it. It’s how you get your business in front of even more potential clients. On Facebook the shares will be amongst friends and family, many of whom will be living locally too, meaning people are much more likely to make a booking with you since they’ve found you via someone they know and trust.

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