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The Importance of a Brand Story for Your Balloon Business

03 May 2019 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

It’s one thing to post great pictures of your balloon and party work online but how do you stand out from other companies offering similar products and services?

Put A Face to The Name

A lot of people like to support small businesses whose owners they can relate to. If you’re comfortable, jump in front of the camera every now and then to show yourself hard at work. Many people would prefer to give their hard-earned money to ‘Jenny who does the brilliant balloons’ than ‘The Brilliant Balloon Company’ so help them to put a face to the name. It’ll make your business more memorable.

Sharing Leads to Caring

Perhaps share a bit about yourself too. Include a little insight into your business on your BAPIA Directory profile page and on your business Facebook Page and remind your followers with updates from time to time. What made you get into the business - did you work in another industry before? How did you discover your passion for balloon and party work? What do you love most about the job? Keep it brief and try to focus on the positive aspects but also be truthful about the passion and dedication it takes. People are often interested in a behind-the-scenes look at things they enjoy and stories like this will help them to remember you.

Location, Location, Location

Many people will be following balloon and party businesses all over the world simply because they enjoy looking at the beautiful work. When the time comes for a celebration of their own, this can make it difficult to differentiate between businesses and they may not even realise that your business is in their local area. Lots of people love to support a local business so help them to realise that you are one. To make sure that all of your followers are familiar with your location, on instagram be sure to tag your location in photos and use local hashtags so that people searching these will find and follow you. Regularly mention your operating areas in your captions and Stories posts so that when potential customers come across your business they immediately know where you’re based.

Business Development

As you invest in your business and develop your skills, take your followers along the journey with you. This can be anything from showing you going to one of the training courses BAPIA lists on Instagram stories to sharing new equipment in a Facebook update. Show them the dedication you have to producing great work and the passion that you have for your craft. Knowing that you care enough to keep evolving and that you will do you very best to deliver to your clients on the day, may be the thing that makes them go with you over another business.

BAPIA members, remember to tag us in your posts using #bapiaparty so that we can see and share your great work.

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