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Carrier Bag charge in Wales - News Update!

18 Aug 2011 3:10 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Thanks to Mike Harris of For Every Occasion in Rhyl for an update on the legislation regarding the compulsory 5p charge that retailers now have to make for carrier bags in Wales. 

Mike asked the following question:  

We run a balloon shop in Rhyl.  A lot of the time we use wheelie bin bags to place the balloon arrangements in with a view to:-

  • 1.        Protecting the environment by preventing  foil balloons from being released and
  • 2.       To ensure the product remains in perfect condition for the customer – I am sure you will understand that carrying a balloon arrangement worth up to £50.00 without a bag is not possible without it being damaged in any way.

I cannot see any mention of a charge for bags other than a single use carrier bag and we are therefore not clear whether we will have to apply a 5p charge to each wheelie bin bag  or specialist decorators bag that leaves our shop. 

Perhaps you could please clarify the position so it is clear to us.

Mike received the following reply from Tobi Adeshokan of the welsh government:

Dear Mike


The single use carrier bag charge only applies to plastic, paper, natural starch and plant-based mateiral carrier bags and not to bin bags.

We hope that this helps shed some light on what you can use.


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