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Helium situation July 2012

20 Jul 2012 9:56 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Helium Situation July 2012

Due to a number of factors there is currently a global helium shortage affecting all users of helium, from medical, industrial and scientific usage, to our industry using it for balloons.  Much of the helium for balloon gas is recovered from other helium processes and is impure, but due to the global situation this is also in short supply.  The current helium situation means that many suppliers are unable to take on any new balloon gas accounts as they don’t have the available balloon gas at this time and could not guarantee regular on-going supply.  As mentioned, this is not confined to the

UKor Europebut is truly affecting the industry around the world.

As stated there are a number of complex reasons why we are currently experiencing this situation and there is no single solution, therefore it is very difficult to predict how long this may last but we know that the gas companies are working very hard to reduce the impact it will have on all helium users. At this time, the latest forecasts suggest that the global helium situation will improve towards the end of the year, but this may be a gradual process and could also be delayed at any time.  In the meantime we can look for alternative ways to fulfil our clients requirements by using air filled balloon décor or where possible using 60/40 helium/Air inflators.

We are sure that balloon manufacturers will be working on designs for air filled décor and here at BAPIA we will post some air-filled designs to our website which will hopefully give some inspiration.

BAPIA…working for the balloon and party industry!


  • 20 Jul 2012 2:09 PM | Anonymous member
    Thanks for the posting - there is uncertainty at the moment for a the mojority of the decorators - whilst the air filled designs are great they are certainly going to be more expensive for the party where they require 10 tables worth of decoration - also weddings where they cannot really have mini pedestal arragements for the wedding breakfast - we shall see where this takes us all - I for one will be looking at more air filled decor - no one likes change - everything happens for a reason so maybe this is a chance for everyone to get creative and move forward to the next phase of Balloon Decor..... Have fun - Debbie x
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