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Balloon Industry Gaines a New Marketplace

In need of resources that will help take your business to the next level? Confused what is the best resource out there? Look no further! Balloon.Education offers an all-encompassing, marketplace approach to providing resources for your balloon business.

Dominic Cassidy, CBA and Keith Stirman, CBA, of The Balloon Brothers in Durham, UK, launched Balloon.Education in December 2014. Their goal is to not only provide users with a variety of step-by-step video instructions and professional portfolio images, but also to become a hub of information about other educational resources.

This instructor duo has traveled the world teaching balloon techniques ranging from beginner to advanced skills. They also own a party shop on the high street so their knowledge of twisting, decor, and retail is second to none.

In hopes to provide a well-rounded approach to education, they’ve brought Chelsea Gaspard, former QBN Director for Pioneer Balloon Company, into the mix. Chelsea’s knowledge of balloon education worldwide is a perfect complement to their balloon skills. In addition to working on marketing for Balloon.Education, Chelsea also manages the blog and other media inquiries.

Dominic, Keith, and Chelsea have some exciting plans for keeping Balloon.Education fresh. Users will notice many new offerings on the site as time passes. “We do not want people to think what they see now is what they will always get,” says Dominic. “This is just the first phase of what Balloon.Education will offer our industry.”

If you have not already signed up for an account, do so soon. They send e-mail updates about new information added to the site including discounts and specials to all account holders.

“If you are looking for information on a topic and you cannot find it, or if you just want some inspiration for a design, contact us. We are always looking for feedback and enjoy working with customers to create new works of balloon art. Who knows? You might inspire a new design to offer on the Website,” said Keith.

We are excited to welcome Balloon.Education to the balloon industry, and we are looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us in the future.   

To learn more about Balloon.Education, visit www.Balloon.Education or check us out on Facebook,

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