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About Us

BAPIA is the Balloon And Party Industry Alliance, an independent trade organisation working like a trade association to achieve a number of goals for BAPIA members but also working on behalf of the industry as a whole.  Those goals include

  • Increase public awareness of the balloon and party industry 
  • Promote industry professionals and the benefits of using them
  • Fighting negative campaigns 
  • Promoting the positive benefits of our industry
  • Updates on industry issues
  • Bringing additional benefits to our members
Who are we? We thought you might like to see who is actually running BAPIA and working to achieve these goals, so here we are:

 John Bowler - Chief Executive.

John has been in the balloon and party industry in excess of 20 years and has experienced many aspects of the industry from retailing and venue decorating to distribution and manufacturing.  His experience brings a wealth of knowledge, understanding and information along with a vast array of contacts across the globe making him the ideal person to run the industry's premier trade organisation.

Sue Bowler - Creative Director

Sue is well known throughout the balloon and party industry for her creative and design skills as well as her role as an industry instructor in the balloon sector.  With over 20 years industry experience and numerous awards, Sue is established as one of the leading creative designers and instructors in the industry.  Sue will be using her skills to keep BAPIA and it's members up to date with industry trends, designs and techniques and anything else that she thinks may be of interest.

 Chelsea Gaspard - Marketing/Social Media Consultant.

Chelsea's focus on our social media and marketing means that we will be bringing regular news, updates and features to our members.  With many years experience of marketing and social media in the balloon industry, Chelsea now works as a consultant and is ideally suited to the role with BAPIA.

Jim Magill - Membership Administrator.

Jim is responsible for all BAPIA membership issues, from renewals to copy documentation and any other general queries that may arise.  He comes from a background of banking and finance and also has more than a little knowledge of the balloon industry, but most importantly he is a real 'people person' and is very happy to answer any questions that our members may have.

Sharrocks The Insurance People - Insurance Brokers

Sharrocks have been handling insurance policies for over 40 years and during that time are proud to have assisted with their customer's insurance requirements, big or small.  Sharrocks have been extremely helpful in finding the best policy with one of the UK's leading insurers to make sure that our members are not only receiving the best cover but also some additional benefits.

AVIVA - Our Insurers

One of the UK's leading and most respected insurers are now insuring our members and bringing additional support and benefits.

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